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Navigating the Shop Screen

The following information can help you navigate the shopping screen and make sure you see all of the specifics on a particular photo you may be interested in.

Shopping Screen


















1. Pressing the the two down arrow button will hide the Slideshow start button and preview images opening up more of the screen.

2. Pressing the "See More" button will bring up additional information for the current photo you are viewing, including dimensions, edition size (for Limited Editions), and more (see screen shot below).

3. Clicking on any of the photos in the sidebar will add that photo to your shopping cart.

4. The back arrow will take you back to the galleries available for purchase and the navigation header with all of the website options available.






















What is the difference between Open Edition and Limited Edition prints?

Limited Edition prints have a set number of prints that will be produced in a particular size or black and white versus color or other variations.  The edition size will be listed in the additional information section.  All Limited Edition prints are hand signed and come matted and framed and ready to hang.  Each print also comes with a certificate of authenticity with it's edition number.

Open Edition prints have no defined edition size.  Each print comes professionally mounted in a mat and is ready to be framed (frame not included).



Shipping is included in the listed prices for shipments within the United States.  Outside of the U.S. the shipping rates are as follows:

Limited Edition prints: $75.00

Open Edition prints: $40.00

All prints are shipped via insured methods.



All sales are final.  No returns.


Payment Methods

Currently we only accept payment via PayPal.